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your source for low-cost high-quality key sets

Why Key Mogul?

We make our reference keys from original blanks cut on a high-tech computerized key code machine - not from keys from unknown origins. This makes sure that we are not making "copies of copies" that will result in inaccurate keys for you.

We work exclusively with realtors - and we know the importance of having our act together when we are out at your properties!


We also test 100% of the keys in a test door lock in our shop before we package them for you! This assures that you wont have any unpleasant surprises in the field!

And best of all our key orders are shipped without a handling or shipping charge!!

NEW Contractor Box Decoding Video!

Dont throw away your "unknown combination" contractor boxes any longer!

We are pleased to announce that we have made a video to teach you how to decode your LOCKED CONTRACTOR BOXES - you should be able to open most styles of contractor boxes and reuse them!

The video and decoding tool pay for themselves with only 6 contractor boxes that you dont have to throw away!

Please Note The Following:

-You are paying for one month access to the video through a streaming service. We are trying to minimize illegal duplication, since it cost several thousand dollars to professionally produce this video.

-If you dont like the idea of someone decoding your contractor boxes, then watch the video. We mention which contractor boxes cannot be decoded with these techniques;

-These techniques are ONLY for opening your OWN contractor boxes. We do NOT condone theft of contractor boxes or their contents.

-The price for the video is non-refundable. It will take practice to use this technique - if you are having problems, show a 12 year old boy the video and he will figure it out (true!);

You will need a decoding tool in order to do the techniques shown in the video - you can purchase it with the video below or just watch the video

New Contractor Box Decoding Video! Hand Made Decoding Tool with Cherry Handle.

Contractor Box Decoding Video WITHOUT DECODING TOOL. One Month streaming access for $50.00 (Normal Price is $75.00). Click HERE to preview and purchase the video.


Custom Made Decoding Tool for Use with Decoding Video - $25.00


If you have any questions please email us!


Check out our Laser Engraved HUD Home badges!

Magnetic 3" x 1 5/8" custom laser-engraved plastic badge with magnetic clasp - and $10 from each one sold will be donated to a No-Kill Pet Shelter!

One Laser Engraved Badge- $25.00 (with free shipping!)

Check out the Combo Key Set!

Contains: 20 keys each of Kwikset 44535, 67767, 76667, 35241 and A389 Padlock keys.

This is a total of 100 keys for 1 Benjamin ($100) - and with no shipping charge!

Basic Key Assortment - 20 each


Prices - 25 piece order size - Best Economy~!

Key Code Blank Type Price - 25 pc order size Order Now!
44535 Kwikset KW-1 $1.00 each
35241 Kwikset KW-1 $1.00 each
67767 Kwikset KW-1 $1.00 each
76667 Kwikset KW-1 $1.00 each
A-389 M-1 Padlock $1.00 each
A-802 M-1 Padlock $1.00 each

OR you can get our best value.............................................

Prices - 100 piece order size - Best Price~!

Key Code Blank Type Price - 100 pc order size Order Now!
44535 Kwikset KW-1 $0.80 each
35241 Kwikset KW-1 $0.80 each
67767 Kwikset KW-1 $0.80 each
47336 Kwikset KW-1 $0.80 each
76667 Kwikset KW-1 $0.80 each
A-802 M-1 Padlock $0.80 each
A-389 M-1 Padlock $0.80 each

Do you need a Custom Key Code Cut? Please pick the quantity here and you will be asked to provide the Key Code during the Checkout process:

Custom Key Code Order - 25 key Order Size of same Key Code $1.10 each key
Enter Key Code Requested
Custom Key Code Order - 100 key Order Size of same Key Code $0.90 each key
Enter Key Code Requested


Do you have a question? let us know